Friday, November 4, 2011

Magic Flies...

We are excited to start our company blogging with a great story of a customer in our home town of Boise Idaho.  We hope you enjoy this little snippet like we did.  We never though we would ever make much of a difference in people's lives with flies.......
Hi John,
Well, I really appreciate that you dropped off those flies because I tried out the soft hackles today. Normally I would just be psyched that I caught some fish, but this story goes a bit deeper than catching a few fish. I took my 8 year old son out and he caught his first fish on a fly, with your soft hackle. He wound up landing 6 fish. Those flies are awesome. I've just been waiting for the right day with the right flows and a fly pattern that he could easily fish and it all came together. Might seem like small potatoes but as I'm in the midst of a divorce right now, life hasn't been the easiest lately and we really needed a good day
Sometimes a small thing, like a fly, can make a big difference. 
Thanks a lot, 
Dave, Boise Idaho 10/16/2011

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